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Why we need quality investigations

This article originally appeared on Justice Rapid Response

Watch the video of our Fellow Andras Vamos-Goldman. He explains why ensuring credible accountability for mass atrocities depends on quality investigations.

Justice Rapid Response (JRR) was created to ensure that all investigations of atrocities can be done professionally, impartially and swiftly. Since they began operations in 2009, JRR has deployed their experts on more than 100 missions around the world. There are currently over 600 individuals certified to their roster, including criminal investigators, forensic specialists, child protection officers, psycho-social counsellors, military analysts, experts in investigating sexual violence, and dozens more professional categories. When deployed on mission, JRR experts often work in difficult conditions, documenting serious human rights violations and collecting evidence of international crimes.

Justice is not the only thing that is needed to address mass human rights abuses of the past and break cycles of conflict. But without it, there is little hope for peace to take hold. In the year ahead, JRR will continue to deliver on their promise: to provide the world’s top criminal justice and human rights experts, wherever and whenever they’re needed to investigate the worst crimes known to humanity.

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