Nasz Zespół

Członkowie i członkinie zespołu Ashoki pracują w ponad 30 krajach na świecie. Wspólnie tworzą silny zespół zbudowany z zespołów (ang. team of teams). Każdy członek i członkini zespołu jest samodzielnym, kreatywnym i efektywnym liderem bądź liderką, odnoszącym sukcesy w urzeczywistnianiu dobrych pomysłów.

Illustration of a person's face depicting a staff

Abdoulaye Aziz Soumare

Abdoul Aziz Soumare is passionate about leadership and personal development.  Both altruistic and philanthropic, Mr Soumare studied International Business.

Photo of Dadisai Taderera, Staff for S. Africa. Photo of person with darker complexion, shoulder length brown hair, and a Black blouse with flower print on it; background is a window with rectangular black panes, overlooking a street

Dadisai Taderera

Dadisai Taderera joins Ashoka as the Venture and Fellowship Manager for Southern Africa. She has worked for over a decade supporting change makers and communities to advocate for transparency and accountability to ensure a more equal and just society.


Mbali Gushu

Mbali Gushu (Zondi) was born and raised in Pietermaritzburg, on the East Coast of South Africa. She was selected to be a part of the inaugural class of the African Leadership Academy for outstanding leadership potential and academic promise.

Photo of Okey Uzoechina Ashoka Africa Staff; person with glasses, dark skin, beard and hair smiling at the camera profile right. Dressed in dark blue suit with a red tie. Background is a dark beige screen often used at professional photo shoot places

Okey Uzoechina

Okey has worked as a pioneer in justice reform, security reform, crisis adaptation, and social transformation at the national and regional levels in West Africa.

Photo of Paula Ugwu Staff Ashoka Anglophone W Africa. Person with dark red hair and dark skin smiling at camera. Dressed in white blouse and black jacket. Background of green seats and lighted windows in a room, with a whiteboard to the right.

Paula Ugwu

Paula Ugwu is passionate about food security, poverty alleviation, youth and female empowerment, and has contributed to academic researches that inform knowledge on the role of African women in agriculture and the pricing system of agricultural produce on the Italian Commodity Exchange market.

Photo of Sarah Mujulizi, Ashoka Africa Staff; person with long dark hair and dark skin smiling at the camera; dressed in white blouse and tan jacket. Background of blurred out windows

Sarah Mujulizi

Sarah Mujulizi joined Ashoka in 2019 as the Knowledge and Communications Associate at the Africa Hub in Lagos, Nigeria. She brings on board years of experience providing strategies, community engagement, content management and project management skills.


Stéphanie Schmidt

Stéphanie joined Ashoka Africa Leadership team since September 2017, after 13 years with Ashoka on different continents: at the Global Headquarters in the US, Mexico City and Paris.

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