Ashoka Global Headquarters


After 30 years, Ashoka moved out of its old global headquarters space at 1700 N Moore St., Arlington, VA 22209 in June of 2022.  Ashoka has signed a new 12-year lease on a new space at 1000 Wilson Blvd, Arlington, VA 22209, but first the space needs to be built out. 


Until Ashoka moves into the new space in mid-2023, please send all mail and packages to this address:

2200 Wilson Blvd,
Suite 102-313
Arlington, VA 22201


And if you have a meeting with Ashoka and/or want to check out where Ashoka is currently working, you can find Ashoka staff working at this address:  1666 Connecticut Ave. NW, Suite 100, Washington, DC 20009. Note that we do not receive mail at this Connecticut Ave address, only people!

Ashoka Offices World Wide


Ashoka’s country and regional offices around the world co-create and co-lead Ashoka’s programming. This enables our global changemaker community to capture and act upon emerging insights, knowledge, and talents of innovators from a wide range of cultural and regional contexts.

Other Countries with Ashoka Activities