About Malaysia

Ashoka’s work in Malaysia started by developing a robust landscape map of Malaysia's social sector. This was developed through numerous conversations with key stakeholders across Malaysia, including leading citizen sector organizations, social and innovation arms of the government, corporate foundations, a collective impact initiative, and prominent network aggregators. These stakeholders came from across the country, from 13 out of the 16 states and federal territories of Malaysia.

From this stakeholder mapping process, we uncovered nominations for impactful changemakers who had innovative ways of creating change. Specifically, through two nominator trainings, we have been able to train select partners on how to spot candidates for the Ashoka fellowship. We also nurtured and created a pipeline of rising entrepreneurs who are developing and becoming Ashoka fellow material by speaking with more than 90 changemakers.

Our biggest priority this year is to elect Malaysian changemakers into the global Ashoka fellowship. Having surfaced several exceptional candidates, we are hopeful to announce our pioneering batch of fellows in early 2017.

Ashoka Malaysia is affiliated with Ashoka's Singapore office.

Our Partners

The Swiss Reinsurance Company (Swiss Re) is an insurance and reinsurance company founded in Zurich in 1863. As the world's second biggest reinsurance company after Munich re, Swiss Re supports Ashoka in southern countries in the building of innovative health ecosystems. More information here and there

The C&A Foundation and Ashoka have partnered together to improve the safety and accountability of all people in the fashion value chain. Ashoka and C&A are working to tap into this important driver of economic mobility for people worldwide to continue impacting the clothing industry.

The Foundation supports domestic and international efforts to strengthen democracy and reduce the social, economic and educational inequities that threaten it and has partnered with Ashoka around the Ashoka Future Forum.

The Whitman Foundation explores how to help people improve their everyday problem solving and decision-making and has supported Ashoka’s Future Forum event.

Forbes and Ashoka have a long-standing media partnership in North, Central, and Latin America. Ashoka publishes business-related stories from an Ashoka lens on its own Forbes’ channel, promoting Ashoka Fellows and other social entrepreneurs in our network.

Jenesis is a private family foundation that brings an entrepreneurial ethos and private sector funding methods including growth capital into the realm of philanthropy. The Jenesis Group helped Ashoka launch its US office in 1999 and continues to provide important financial support for the election and support of US Fellows.