To help everyone become a changemaker – a person that sees themselves as capable of creating large-scale, positive change in response to our world's most pressing and complex issues – we saw the need to make big changes in the way young people experience education.

Already more than 1,300 Ashoka Fellows (about 1/3 of our network) globally are working with young people, and have supported more than 375,000 young people to practice changemaking in 50 countries.

In response to these findings, we adapted our methodology for selecting the world’s leading social entrepreneurs to identify and select a global network of Changemaker Schools between 2010 and 2016. Each of the schools in Ashoka's Changemaker Schools network teaches students essential changemaking skills that are vital in creating solutions to our most complex problems in the modern world: empathy, creativity, leadership, and teamwork.

The network of Changemaker Schools continues to trigger fundamental changes in the educational experience of young people as we continue our youth changemaking work. Each school in Ashoka's Changemaker Schools network serve as models for what education institutions and districts can do to grow a powerful generation of changemakers at a time when our world needs them most.

Changemaker Schools in the USA

In 2010, Ashoka launched the Changemaker Schools network, with the first elections coming in the United States. Between 2010 and 2016 (when Ashoka closed its Changemaker Schools selections), the Changemaker Schools network in the United States grew to include more than 85 schools across all 50 states.

Below you can find a few examples of the Changemaker Schools within the United States.