Synapse School

Changemaker School
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Synapse School's mission is "Educating a Community of Change Makers". To do so, we combine social-emotional learning, leading-edge academics, and the practice of innovation to develop young learners into the change makers of tomorrow.

Synapse School Mission Graphic; an intersecting Venn diagrams made up of three circles labeled "Academics," "Emotional Intelligence," and "Innovation." Each of the circles then has a specific process that each of them follow on the outside as well (in a circular / revolving process).

Social-Emotional Learning (SEL)

With SEL as a central pillar, Synapse equips its students to become change makers by cultivating a thriving community of social and emotional learners. Through explicit SEL instruction, integrated curriculum, and annual change maker themes, every member of the community (students, teachers, and parents) is engaged in a continual practice to become more aware, more intentional and more compassionate in life.

Leading-Edge Academics

Our curriculum framework is the “how” of the mission and vision of Synapse School: HEARTS. Expanding on Six Seconds’ 3-step learning approach, HEARTS distills all of Synapse’s signature constructivist and brain-based education into six phases of learning: Heat, Engage, Activate, Reflect, Transform, and Store.


The Synapse Innovation Model contains eight competencies to help students Explore a challenge, Envision potential solutions, and Execute on their vision. Our model is cyclical to signify that the pursuit for positive change is iterative and a never-ending quest. Our Innovation Model is fueled by our EQ model - Know Yourself, Choose Yourself, Give Yourself. Both models integrate seamlessly to generate a process that is dedicated to a noble goal, in service of others, and inspired by empathy.