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Influence for Good

How Highly Resourced Individuals can Support Systems Change

This report is for every Highly Resourced Individual (HRI)* who wants to help build a better future. We need powerful forces of change to address the compounding crises that strain our societies today. In this publication, carried out in collaboration with Ashoka, Generation Pledge, Echoing Green, Catalyst 2030, and McKinsey & Company, we look at how to strengthen personal capabilities for systemic change – the latest in our series aiming to equip stakeholders with tailored guidance.  

*Highly Resourced Individuals are those with considerable wealth and general ability to influence social, business, and political circles, typically entrepreneurs, founders, or CEO’s of companies.

Influence for Good Report


Entrepreneur-to-Entrepreneur, E2, is an invite-only, exclusive network of high impact, visionary business entrepreneurs.  We know that entrepreneurs and social entrepreneurs share the same DNA.  Entrepreneurs are striking new ground and are often making a bet on themselves when others haven't.  Social entrepreneurs define themselves before being defined. We are open sourcing the newest, best big pattern ideas our social entrepreneurs are leading and demonstrating patterns with entrepreneurs who are tackling big issues in health, environment, gender, technology, and humanity.  

We are bringing together the most powerful entrepreneurs and social entrepreneurs around effective solutions for the good of all while breaking the paradigm in which isolated investments pursue isolated impact. 

Thoughtful cultivation and member selection ensures the interactions within the network bring maximum value to both sides.

Together, we are creating an unparalleled force for transformation at a regional, national, and global scale. All in the shared service of a more equitable and sustainable world.


Once you are part of Ashoka, you are in it for life. It sets a very high bar for the rest of the philanthropy we get into because I can see these are people driving true change.

Anne Wojcicki, Founder Of 23andme

Anne Wojcicki, Founder of 23andMe, traveled with Ashoka to visit Sunitha Krishnan, an Ashoka Fellow in India. This visit brought Anne face-to-face with child survivors of human trafficking. Anne was so impressed by Sunitha's innovative approach to protect India's children that she went on to contribute unrestricted financial resources, insights, and her network. Anne's contribution helps Sunitha and other Ashoka Fellows change national policy and replicate their innovations around the world.

Anne Wojciki
Funding Ashoka is rewarding because I know it will help identify and support social innovators who are changing education. Especially in the era of AI, we need to make sure that future generations can thrive.

Brian Kim, Chairman and Founder, Kakao


Brian Kim, Chairman and Founder of the South Korean tech giant Kakao, joined Ashoka as an enthusiastic supporter of Hye-Shin Chung, an Ashoka Fellow in South Korea who enables ordinary citizens to help the people around them overcome trauma. Brian then co-created a national multi-million dollar initiative with Ashoka focused on building the new field of "future education" and accelerating the educational paradigm change in South Korea by bringing innovators together. 



A selected member generously gives: experience, energy, resources, and strategic insights. In return, Ashoka provides its network members with an opportunity to:

  • Co-lead a systems change initiative with global impact

  • Access a global network of socially committed entrepreneurs and companies

  • Exponentially increase the social return of their philanthropic investments

  • Engage their employees with Ashoka to help them step into leadership and impact

  • Attend round tables with the leadership team and other exclusive Ashoka events

  • Go on learning journeys to visit Fellow organizations around the world

What more powerful alliance can there be than the E2 partnership between top pattern-changing social and business entrepreneurs? The members, all committed to the good, open their worlds and extraordinary abilities to one another.

Bill Drayton,
Founder and CEO of Ashoka
Bill Drayton

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