• Everyone needs to be a changemaker.


The world is defined by change and requires a new mindset.

Ashoka envisions a world in which everyone is a changemaker:

a world where all citizens are powerful and contribute to change in positive ways.




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Ashoka has elected 4,000+ Fellows across more than 95 countries over the last 40+ years. Together with 250+ change institutions and 300+ partners, we form a strong, diverse and vibrant ecosystem of change agents collaborating and co-leading to positively transform societies and cultures around the world.

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Funding Ashoka is rewarding because I know it will help identify and support social innovators who are changing education. Especially in the era of AI, we need to make sure that future generations can thrive.

Brian Kim
Chairman and Founder, Kakao
Brian Kim, Kakao

The engaged global community of social entrepreneurs that Ashoka has fostered helps each one of them to have more impact than would have been possible individually.

Pierre Omidyar
Founder of eBay
Pierre Omidyar

How society helps children grow up needs fundamental innovation at least as urgently as in how it produces computers. That is why Ashoka is so important. It finds, helps launch, and then links and leverages the most powerful social innovations and innovators.

Carol Bellamy
Former Executive Director, UNICEF
Carol Bellamy

Forbes knows that the story is change. No one sees that more clearly than Ashoka. It has an extraordinary ability both to envision the big, new patterns and to engineer their emergence.