Our Initiatives

At our core we have our Fellowship of leading social entrepreneurs, but today they are joined by a diverse community of individuals and organisations on their journeys to driving social impact. Through participating in the initiatives below you can amplify your role as a changemaker.


Next Now identifies, supports and lifts up examples of the world’s top changemakers who are redefining the fields of Planet & Climate, Tech & Humanity, Aging, and Gender. Powered by Ashoka, Next Now sees patterns and frontiers of innovation that show a way to a better future by weaving together a community of innovators committed to building it, and sharing our findings and insights with the world.

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Changemaker Companies

Changemaker Companies is a global initiative that took shape through a partnership between Ashoka and Ylios, initiated in 2015, which remains driven by the goal of “shaping business for impact”. This initiative aims to transform businesses through integrated engagements with Ashoka’s unrivaled network of social entrepreneurs. Leaders who have the right skills and can master the new rate of change is the first step toward developing a corporate culture that aligns mission with values.

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Ashoka Changemakers

Ashoka Changemakers is building a global movement where anyone, anywhere, can take action to solve a social problem in their community. We work to build this movement by supporting social entrepreneurs, innovators, business leaders, policy makers, and activists who are changemaking, by delivering ground-breaking analysis, by accelerating intrepreneurship, and creating strong partnerships that will drive the movement forward.

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