Who is an Ashoka Support Network (ASN) member?

Unlike traditional philanthropists, ASN members are changemakers who fully apply their creativity, energy, and connections to effect positive social change. By pledging to contribute a minimum amount to Ashoka over a three-year period, ASN members gain exclusive access to connect and engage with Ashoka Fellows.

ASN members engage with Ashoka and Ashoka Fellows in a number of different ways, based on their interests and skills: ASN members frequently participate in Ashoka Globalizer events, serve on advisory boards for Ashoka Fellows, attend local/regional retreats with members of the Ashoka community, assist Ashoka staff with institution-building efforts, and congregate at the ASN Global Summit—among other engagement opportunities.

What is the criteria to become an ASN member?

Selection consists of one or several meetings where Ashoka staff, together with a peer or a Fellow, validate the following criteria:​

  1. Ethical fiber. 
  2. Alignment with Ashoka’s vision. 
  3. Ability to contribute expertise and/or network. 
  4. Financial capacity.

What do our members say?

What is the legacy that I want to leave behind?

Ashoka is a wake-up call. I have learned that there are, actually, many opportunities to step into radical systemic change, to up my game, help shape better global policies and participate in shifting the dynamics of social inequalities, both in the social and in the business sectors. "

Fabienne Serfaty,
Strategy Consultant and Social Impact Investor, UK,
Ashoka Support Network Member


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