Ashoka Rated One of the Top Five Most Impactful Social Good Organizations

NGO Advisor puts Ashoka at #5 in its annual list of the world's top 200 citizen sector organizations
ngo advisor
Source: Ashoka

NGO Advisor's annual list of the top 200 most impactful citizen sector organizations in the world puts Ashoka in the top five. NGO Advisor is a Geneva-based independent media organization that has published the Top NGOs World ranking annually since 2012, spotlighting the most innovative, and impactful organizations in the sector. 

"I feel immense pride to see this recognition of the work of all Ashoka's social entrepreneurs, as well as the tireless efforts of Ashoka teams to create a better world," said Anamaria Schindler, member of Ashoka's Leadership Team.

NGO Advisor combines academic rigor with journalistic integrity, and autonomy. Over the years, the organization has refined the ranking’s methodology to emphasize not only creativity, and innovation but also key operational features like governance, transparency, and sustainability. Using publicly available information, NGOs are scored against 165 individual criteria, and can earn a maximum score of 1,400.

According to NGO Advisor, "We research, evaluate, and rank NGOs in order to showcase the best practices and newest ideas in the nonprofit sector. Our research unites the rigors of academia with the autonomy of journalism. We aim to be a mirror for the evolving values of the global nonprofit sector and to spark debate about the nature of nonprofit work. We combine sound journalism with comprehensive research to conduct a fair assessment of the nonprofit sector that will serve organizations, journalists, researchers, and others dedicated to improving NGOs."