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Title Type Country Focus of work Election Year Organisation
Janet Maro Fellow Tanzania Environment & Sustainability, Peace & Harmonious Relations, Agriculture, Climate change, Food security, Gender equity, Income generation, Natural resource management, Non-formal education, Nutrition, Poverty alleviation, Renewable energy, Rural development, Sustainability, Sustainable development, Water management, Youth development 2024
Petra Wünschová Fellow Czech Republic 2024
Umra Omar Fellow Kenya 2024
Naomi Mwaura Fellow Kenya 2024
Marta Jagusztyn Fellow Poland 2024
Compass Education Fellow 2024
Evolving Education Fellow Mexico Adult education, Arts & culture, Boys’ development, Environment & Sustainability 2024
Meghna Chawla Fellow India 2024
Saurav Malhotra Fellow India 2024
Arundhuti Gupta Fellow India 2024
S Vishwanath Fellow India Water management, Recycling 2024
Bianca Tylek Fellow United States Human Rights & Equity, Civil rights, Criminal justice 2023
Byron Kominek Fellow United States Environment & Sustainability, Agriculture, Climate change, Energy conservation, Environment, Green business 2023
Nancy Maina Fellow Kenya 2023
Diana Adams Fellow United States Human Rights & Equity, Family planning, Gender equity, Law and legal reform, LGBTQ+ rights 2023