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Title Type Country Focus of work Election Year Organization
Brett Matthews Fellow Canada Financial services / markets, Education / Learning, Citizen / community participation, Economic development, Rural development, Business & Social Enterprise, Children & Youth, Civic Engagement, Development & Prosperity 2019
Benjamin Abadiano Fellow Philippines 2019
Ryan Gersava Fellow Philippines 2019
Pavitra Mohan Fellow India 2019
Aakash Sethi Fellow India 2019
Samir Bordoloi Fellow India Agriculture, Biodiversity, Climate change, Community development, Conservation / protection 2019
Abhinav Agarwal Fellow India 2019
Emmanuel Vincent Fellow France 2019
Bola Fellow Brazil 2019
Laura Wilson Phelan Fellow United States Education reform, Citizen / community participation, Children & Youth, Empathy, Racial equity, Capacity building, Community development 2019
Elena Calistru Fellow Romania Civic Engagement, Citizen / community participation, Citizen sector, Democracy & voting, Transparency 2019
Yeshimabeit Milner Fellow United States Business & Social Enterprise, Civic Engagement, Human Rights & Equality, Ethics, Human rights, Information & communication technology, Public policy, Racial equity 2019
William Jackson Fellow United States Education / Learning, Education reform, Children & Youth 2019
Swapna Reddy Fellow United States Law and legal reform, Migration, Vulnerable populations, Civic Engagement, Human Rights & Equality 2019
Juliana Gutierrez Fellow Colombia Environment & Sustainability, Conscious consumerism, Climate change, Non-formal education, Citizen / community participation, Behavioral issues, Education / Learning, Arts & culture, Children & Youth 2019