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Title Type Country Focus of work Election Year Organization
Robin Lim Fellow Indonesia 2021
Lizzie Kiama Fellow Kenya Civic Engagement, Health & Fitness, Human Rights & Equity, Disability, Disability rights 2021
Ayesha Vera-Yu Fellow Philippines 2021
José de Jesús Sánchez Fellow Mexico Disability rights, Human rights, Human Rights & Equity, Community development, Girls’ development, Disability, Employment, Social enterprise, Empathy, Gender equity, Black, Indigenous, and People of Color Rights, Business & Social Enterprise, Labor 2021
Dylan Terrell Fellow Mexico Water management, Pollution, Education / Learning, Construction, Technology, Social work, Sustainability, Health & Fitness, Health care, Rural development 2021
Celmira Macedo Fellow Portugal 2021
Charles Daniels Jr Fellow United States 2021
Chloe McKenzie Fellow United States Children & Youth, Black, Indigenous, and People of Color Rights, Economic development, Education / Learning, Financial services / markets, Income generation 2021
Nani Moré Fellow Spain 2021
Jelani Anglin Fellow United States Human Rights & Equity, Citizen / community participation, Law and legal reform 2021
Giulia Detomati Fellow Italy Environment & Sustainability, Children & Youth, Environment, Green business, Climate change 2021
Osama Manzar Fellow India 2021
Benny Prawira Siauw Fellow Indonesia 2021
Sam Rosenzweig Fellow Belgium 2021
Maxime Zaït Fellow Belgium 2021