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Title Type Country Focus of work Election Year Organization
Thembiso Magajana Fellow South Africa 2022
Gonzalo Vial Fellow Chile 2022
Laili Khairnur Fellow Indonesia 2022
Septiaji Nugroho Fellow Indonesia 2022
Meseret Haileyesus Fellow Canada 2022
Asmaa Ibnouzahir Fellow Canada Women’s issues, Gender equity, Black, Indigenous, and People of Color Rights, Capacity building, Citizen / community participation, Community development, Intercultural relations, Men’s issues, Racial equity, Spirituality, Youth leadership 2022
Tessy Britton Fellow United Kingdom 2022
Jaton Zulueta Fellow Philippines 2022
Paul Latour Fellow Canada 2022
Giulliana Bianconi Fellow Brazil 2022
Markus Raivio Fellow Finland 2022
Sonja Betschart Fellow Switzerland 2022
Jimmy Westerheim Fellow Norway 2022
Jenny Lindström Beijar Fellow Sweden 2022
Ana Paula Morales Fellow Brazil Environment & Sustainability, Health & Fitness, Climate change, Communications, Environment, Food security, Journalism 2022