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Title Type Country Focus of work Election Year Organisation
Tomás Lawrence Fellow Chile Civic Engagement, Peace & Harmonious Relations, Intercultural relations, Tolerance / pluralism 2023
José Aguilar Fellow Mexico 2023
Khushboo Awasthi Fellow India 2023
Isabelle Kamariza Fellow Rwanda Nutrition, Agriculture, Non-formal education 2023
Fabio Gerosa Fellow Italy Energy conservation, Business & Social Enterprise, Renewable energy 2023
Jaqueline Fernandes Fellow Brazil 2023
Carolina Oms Fellow Brazil 2023
Nelson Olanipekun Fellow Nigeria Criminal justice, Human rights, Technology, Freedom of information, Information & communication technology, Law and legal reform, Civil rights, Civic Engagement 2023
Jennifer Uchendu Fellow Nigeria Climate change, Mental health, Youth development, Environment & Sustainability 2023
Tim Lampkin Fellow United States Business & Social Enterprise, Development & Prosperity, Black, Indigenous, and People of Color Rights, Commerce, Economic development, Financial services / markets 2023
Malena Famá Fellow Argentina 2023
Olivier Nsengimana Fellow Rwanda 2023
Smita Chakraburtty Fellow India 2023
Busisiwe Mkhumbuzi Fellow South Africa 2023
Mariana Ruenes Fellow Mexico 2023