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Our school’s mission “Learn to Love, Love to Learn” is reflected in our Rounded and Grounded curriculum. By emphasising the social, emotional, and metacognitive aspects of learning, the curriculum helps develop 'softer' skills as a route to attainment. We use a restorative approach to deal with behaviour issues. We are keen to engage with other Changemaker schools, as well as schools in our locality, researchers, parents and businesses. We are looking for opportunities such as language exchanges, international projects, teacher training or any other real world learning projects.


Changemaking Initiatives include:

  • Individual Sociogram - Works to develop an individual sociogram for each student
  • Project-based learning - children engage in meaningful project-based learning that allows them to engage in social action to make their world a better place
  • The Nurture Room - provides staff with a space for developing students’ social and emotional skills and literacy
  • Restorative Approach to managing relationships - the school is a reward and punishment-free environment.

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