For more than 10 years Ashoka UK has been building a powerful network of the UK’s leading social innovators. We have selected over 40 Ashoka Fellows who are creating systemic change in areas from environmental conservation to criminal justice. With the belief that social innovation and changemaking extend beyond the social entrepreneurship sector and need to be driven by everyone, we have also selected and connected networks of social innovators in the education system through the ‘Ashoka Changemaker Schools’ Network.

Our work with Fellows and Changemaker Schools is supported and extended through our network of social innovators in the business world – from individual business leaders who provide expertise, connections, and resources, to companies who partner with us to create focused communities of social innovators in areas like healthcare or the fashion industry.

Our Programs

Ashoka’s network of social innovators begins with an ongoing search and extensive selection process to find the leading social entrepreneurs creating systemic change to join the Ashoka Fellowship community. Each year in the UK we receive over 200 nominations for the Ashoka Fellowship, which are reviewed by the Ashoka Venture team and our network of independent advisors.

At each stage in the process, candidates are assessed against our five core criteria:

The support provided through the Ashoka Fellowship enables social entrepreneurs to create further systemic change across communities,countries, and sectors. The Fellowship provides lifelong holistic support which can be broadly categorised in five key areas:


We believe that anyone can become a Changemaker and we want every young person to be equipped and inclined to work for the common good, whether in their family, community, country or across the whole world. Between 2014 and 2017, Ashoka UK elected 15 Changemaker Schools leading innovation in the youth sector. We work to connect these schools and support them in leading the transformation of learning in the UK.



The Ashoka Support Network (ASN) is a global community of business leaders from a variety of fields who support Ashoka both financially and strategically. In the UK we have a community of over 35 ASN members who offer their time, networks and expertise to Ashoka Fellows and Changemaker Schools, supporting them to amplify their social impact.

They do this in several key ways:




Pip Wheaton
Co-Director, Ashoka UK
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Co-Director, Ashoka UK
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Co-Director, Ashoka UK
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Ashoka UK Finance, Operations & HR Manager
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Partnerships and Support Network Manager
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Systems Change
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Community Manager
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Venture Manager
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Fellowship Support Team Co-ordinator, Ashoka UK
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Finance Director, Ashoka Europe
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Senior Advisor for Europe and Asia
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