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The world is defined by change and requires a new mindset

Ashoka envisions a world in which everyone is a changemaker.

( . . . a world where all citizens are powerful and contribute to change in positive ways.)


Ashoka identifies and supports the world’s leading social entrepreneurs, learns from the patterns in their innovations,
and mobilizes a global community to embrace these new frameworks and build an “everyone a changemaker” world.

What we do

1) Identify and Support the World's leading Social Entrepreneurs:  We find and cultivate social entrepreneurs in every corner of the world, whose systems-changing innovations solve deep-rooted social problems.  We invite them into the Ashoka Fellowship – providing early stage financial support and a lifetime membership into an expansive network of peers and partners - enabling them to achieve their vision and have even greater impact. We then draw on the insights and patterns of these 3,500 Ashoka Fellows to understand what the future needs and how to create new solutions for building a better world.

2)  Equip Everyone to be a Changemaker:  We inspire and enable changemaking in the public at large and work to give all citizens the confidence and tools to solve problems for the good of all.  Specifically, we focus on preparing the next generation to navigate this rapidly-changing world by ensuring all young people have the critical skills they need.

3) Accelerate the “Everyone a Changemaker” movement:  We mobilize a network of organizations to join us in shifting mindsets and reshaping how we learn, work, and live together to catalyze changemaking for the good of society.  We partner with schools, universities, corporations, citizen sector organizations, media and other influencers to co-lead this movement with us.

The New Framework

Ashoka has identified the new framework needed for living and working together in this radically different world drawn from insights working with our global network of Ashoka Fellows, the world's leading social entrepreneurs. The four elements of the framework are empathy, teamwork, new leadership, and changemaking.

Empathy is crucial in a world where rules can’t keep pace with the speed and complexity of change. Empathy-based ethics is fast becoming the cornerstone for our everyday dealings.

Teamwork relies on everyone having the capacity to work in fluid, open teams of teams to see and seize the ever-changing opportunities in this new strategic landscape.

New Leadership requires that every player on the team be an initiator. Each person must see the big picture and advance solutions that contribute to positive social outcomes.

Changemaking is the capacity to freely and effectively innovate for the good of all.

Join Us

Ashoka invites everyone to contribute in the most powerful way by joining with us as co-leaders in the “everyone a changemaker” movement. We are social entrepreneurs, youth entrepreneurs, and change leaders across sectors who are bringing this powerful framework to our communities, businesses, schools, and neighborhoods.