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Ashoka Changemakers rapidly accelerates the impact of social innovators’ work on critical social issues by building and nurturing networks of these leading changemakers. Ashoka Changemakers empowers these networks to ignite sweeping change in their fields.

Changemakers has built a global network of hundreds of partners and more than 30,000 solutions from innovators in 200 countries by hosting more than 100 online challenges during the past decade with partners such as GE, Google, the Rockefeller Foundation, and many other innovating organizations.

Changemakers’ three-step process works with the rest of Ashoka and its partners to exponentially accelerate lasting social change so that it tips the attitudes and behavior of individuals and institutions:

  • Frame: identify the highest impact opportunities in and around critical issues.
  • Convene: find and bring together the leading changemakers—individual and institutional—in the field, and build and nurture a network.
  • Ignite: catalyze the impact of that network through a variety of different approaches.

Collective impact occurs on Changemakers.com through:

  1. Online Challenges
  2. Social Innovation Mappings
  3. Course-Activated Communities

Changemakers leverages online competitions to convene the world’s leading innovators, their ideas, and supporters, forming a network for collaboration between people and even teams of people. Changemakers provides the platform where ideas and feedback are shared and refined; innovators receive feedback from their peers and thought leaders; and funders and investors can connect to evaluate and support innovations that show the most promise for scaled-up impact.

We reach hundreds of thousands of users through social and traditional media to build communities that support change. We leverage stories about how social innovators are leading, collaborating, and creating impact in big ways, and we create dialogues for spreading and refining innovative practices.

Changemakers applies Ashoka’s more than 30 years of experience in identifying and evaluating social innovations, plus the insights gathered from the world’s largest network of leading social entrepreneurs, to frame problems and emerging innovations in a way that maximizes the systems-changing impact of each partnership.

We analyze the current landscape of a problem by defining the core problems, and mapping them against patterns and trends emerging from the work of leading social entrepreneurs. We take this information from the frontier of knowledge and assemble it, producing a Discovery Framework that serves as a mosaic of strategic opportunities for moving the needle on systems change. We support this with a communications strategy that includes calls-to-action and compelling visuals, deployed through traditional and social media, to activate large-scale changemaking.

Changemakers online courses tap our global network of social innovators and Ashoka friends, creating content and involving experts who provide tremendous value for all. The courses offer a virtual peer learning journey for emerging and leading changemakers, catalyzing a community. This community shares best practices, evolves and scales-up participants’ ideas, and builds a stronger network that plays a greater role in transforming a field.

And Changemakers integrates the offerings of other Ashoka programs, including Ashoka Venture, Ashoka Globalizer, and Ashoka U Please explore Changemakers.com and join our vibrant community of action.

Ashoka Changemakers in United States



Changemakers builds the foundation for Ashoka's vision of an Everyone a Changemaker world by activating a global network of social entrepreneurs, innovators, business leaders, policy-makers, and activists in more than 100 countries.

Using a three-step process—frame, convene and ignite—Changemakers works with other Ashoka teams and its global network and partners to build open competitions that celebrate the best ideas and exponentially accelerate social change. Changemakers also delivers ground-breaking analysis in the form of social innovation mapping reports and creates long-term partnerships with corporations and organizations to drive the movement forward. 

In the US, Changemakers has produced about 100 successful challenges with companies like GE, Google, Rockefeller Foundation, Intel, Unilever and the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation.