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Get search results, and see a map display for up to three types of Ashoka network members: Ashoka Fellows, Ashoka Changemaker Schools, and AshokaU Changemaker Campuses. You can filter your results by country and keyword. Ashoka selects the world's leading social entrepreneurs as Ashoka Fellows; the leading elementary, middle and high schools as Changemaker Schools when their students prioritize empathy, teamwork, leadership, problem-solving and changemaking; and colleges and universities as Ashoka Changemaker Campuses when they make social innovation an embedded core value.
Name Type Country Description Election Date
College Amis Des Enfants Changemaker School Rwanda 2015
João Figueiró Fellow Brazil João Figueiró believes in the role every person has in children’s early development. He generates... 2015
Ronaldo Lemos Fellow Brazil 2015
Sarah Otterstrom Fellow Nicaragua Sarah Otterstrom is collaborating with the government, private and citizen sector and involving the... 2015
Sebastião Alves Fellow Brazil Sebastiao has developed a model for creating sustainable farming practices and increasing quality... 2015
Karen Spencer Fellow Nicaragua Karen Spencer’s organization, Whole Child International (Niñez Integral in Spanish), is working at... 2015
Francimar Fernandes Fellow Brazil Francimar Fernandes has created a way to access Quilombola communities that are completely... 2015
Megan Marcus Fellow United States Megan Marcus believes that any educator in the U.S. can and must become a consistent, caring and... 2015
John Kearney Fellow Ireland In a country where economic collapse and emigration have decimated rural services of all types,... 2015
Dagmar Doubravová Fellow Czech Republic Dagmar works on decreasing recidivism and developing a more empathetic society in the Czech... 2015
Usama Ghazali Fellow Egypt Usama is building social capital and full economic citizenship among local communities from... 2015
Saed Karzoun Fellow Palestine Saed is shifting the mindset of communities in the Levant region of the Arab World from focusing on... 2015
Colegio Guayamurí Changemaker School Venezuela 2015
U.E.M. Alberto Ravell Changemaker School Venezuela 2015
Katia Gomez Fellow Honduras Katia Gomez’s program Educate2Envision (E2E) is teaching 12 to 18 year olds in the most rural parts... 2015