Agustina Besada

Special Relationship (Virtual)
Illustration of a person's face depicting a fellow
Elected in 2021
Because of the pandemic, Agustina Besada was selected by Ashoka for a Special Relationship (Virtual) using an online process.


Agustina works to transform people's relationship with plastic and reduce its pollution effects on the environment caused by its excessive and uncontrolled use. Convinced of the global dimension of the problem and of the urgent need for a solution, she developed an approach that focuses on the transformation of the human relationship with plastic, working with different audiences, promoting an awareness of the problem and changes of habit from one place motivating and possible.

The New Idea

To face the massive problem of the uncontrolled use of plastic and its serious consequences on the environment, Agustina developed an approach focused on the relationship of people with this material, which promotes awareness of the problem and the development of new habits under the slogan to "destify" organizations and daily life.

Changing habits requires adequate motivation and commitment from people. From Unplastify they work with a wide spectrum of audiences: schools, homes, companies and state organizations, where people make contact with the problem and design strategies to face it, generating a reinforcement of commitments. Access to scientifically validated information and commitment are key aspects of the process.

Agustina argues that change requires sustained action and a cultural system that provides meaning. Consequently, the work with the institutions includes reflection by the members of the organizations and the development of processes and new rules that incorporate habits that minimize the use of plastic and avoid single-use plastic. Promoting cultural changes in organizations At the public policy level, they have promoted several bills and advice in order to achieve a law that completely avoids their use.