2017 Globalizer: Fabric of Change

The Fabric of Change Globalizer aims to accelerate the impact of these selected social entrepreneurs.

"We believe fashion has the power to improve the lives of the men and women behind our clothes.We believe fashion can be a force for good. Our mission is to transform the industry to make that happen."


C&A Foundation believes that fashion can act as a strong force for positive change, and as a driver of economic growth. Through financial support, sharing of expertise and providing access to a network of specialists, the foundation focuses on strengthening platforms, NGOs and other changemakers so that they can transform the apparel industry and make fashion a force of good. 

C&A Foundation and Ashoka have partnered to launch Fabric of Change: a global initiative to support innovators for a fair and sustainable apparel industry. This three-year initiative is cultivating social entrepreneurs and their solutions to advance a shared vision of fashion as a force for good.

The Fabric of Change Globalizer aims to accelerate the impact of these selected social entrepreneurs by providing the tools and support to strategically and rapidly scale their impact in order to achieve systemic change. 

These social entrepreneurs focus on tackling complex challenges s across the apparel value chain by innovating solutions to change the underlying patterns causing these problems in the first place.

The Globalizer provides them with a tailored and strategic process needed to accelerate the impact of their innovations. Each social entrepreneur is matched with global business leaders and consultants who help them develop their scale strategy during a 3-month advisory period. This process then culminates with the Globalizer Summit being held in Bangalore, in May 2017.

List of the participating fellows below: