2014 Globalizer: Participative Journalism

The Participative Journalism Globalizer Summit was held in Bonn, Germany from June 28th-29th, 2014.

Sixteen Ashoka fellows worldwide, all innovators in the journalism field, met to discuss how media can be used to enable citizens to advance their own lives and society. Information access is opening up in many areas, creating a great potential for social impact. At the Globalizer, these social entrepreneurs explored how new developments and innovations in media can be tapped to drive broader and more effective civic participation, with a strong focus on social and mobile media.

Fellows used the Globalizer Summit to develop and refine their scaling strategies for their respective media innovations. These refined strategies will be implemented to increase each organization’s impact beyond its individual reach.

The Globalizer Summit consisted of several stages:

Fellow Preparation Period
Sixteen Ashoka Fellows with strong models for expanding participative journalism were selected for their potential to grow their global impact. The Fellows were matched with a team of remote advisors including Ashoka Support Network executives and McKinsey consultants. Each team worked together to develop robust scaling strategies for each Fellow in the three months before the Globalizer Summit.

Accelerator Day
Select leaders in the journalism field were paired with Fellows for a series of powerful one-on-one conversations. These Strategic Thought Partners shared their insights about proven strategies for rapid global growth and analyzed the key needs and challenges of each Fellow’s scaling strategy. The Fellows received strategic advice, contacts and sometimes new partners.

Global Media Forum
The Globalizer Summit was followed by the Deutsche Welle Global Media Forum, hosted by international broadcaster Deutsche Welle. The Forum examined media’s role in the democratization of news and societies, allowing Ashoka Fellows to meet and brainstorm with a global community of media experts. Ashoka also led a panel discussion titled “Room for all? How social entrepreneurs in media are forging a new infrastructure for participation,” exposing a larger audience to social entrepreneurship.

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List of participating fellows below: