2013 Globalizer: Media Innovation

We are witnessing an explosion of innovation in the media realm, as entrepreneurs seize on massive technological disruption and rapidly changing market demands. The Globalizer on Media Innovation seeks to accelerate the impact of the most innovative solutions, informing them about financing mechanisms and critical strategic resources. Ashoka selected 15 advanced Fellows from its News & Knowledge Cluster, teaming them in mentoring relationships with business entrepreneurs, senior executives and management consultants to hone individual scaling strategies. Fellows and mentors will meet in person for a Globalizer Summit at the Deutsche Welle Global Media Forum (June 2013, Bonn/Germany); in the context of an international gathering of media innovators, the social entrepreneur participants will cement their strategies for maximizing growth and social impact.

More than 120 Ashoka Fellows work on media-related projects; their innovations are highlighted in the Ashoka News & Knowledge Initiative. These social entrepreneurs have pioneered mechanisms that allow citizens to engage freely and powerfully with media to advance their own lives and society, advancing knowledge citizenship for hundreds of millions of people at all levels of society. They work to improve information access for all; ensure the quality of the information we get and use; build capacity for individuals and communities to apply knowledge to changemaking; and ensure the sustainability of media amid constant technological, economic, and political change. Each News & Knowledge Fellow has passed Ashoka's selection criteria: s/he has a pattern changing idea, and the entrepreneurial talent, creativity and ethical fiber to succeed.

The Globalizer Summit on Media Innovation took place in June 2013 in Bonn/Germany in conjunction with the Deutsche Welle Global Media Forum, leveraging the global community of experts and policymakers in attendance. Additionally, the group also collaboratively identified new approaches to scaling the social impact of media and ways of financing these in plenary discussions and thematic workshop sessions at the Global Media Forum. Through exchanging and documenting insights that are ripe for the whole media development sector this created new knowledge and tools for the field.

List of the participating fellows below: