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Yosra Ali
Source: Ashoka

“A gentle push to the right direction can take you far”

This article originally appeared on Ashoka Nordic

Yosra Ali is a young changemaker and participant of the Changemaker Camp 2020 who works and engages in projects centered on toxic honor-culture and violent extremism. Her main professional focus is working with women in exposed or dangerous situations, allowing them to make their voices heard and listened by decision-makers in powerful positions.

With support from these women, Yosra is determined to make a positive impact in the world through her work at Operation 1325, an umbrella organization that aims to increase women’s influence at all levels of peace processes and in conflict resolution.

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Ashoka insight

The very first tip I have for any young person who wants to create change is: Believe in yourself! The most important and main part of why I do what I do is really just because of that, I truly believe I can achieve anything if I believe it. Once you’re there, you feel like anything is possible.

My second tip goes hand to hand with the first one: Find support. Whether you want to open a new youth center or hold your own workshop, my advice is to always seek out support. Maybe you have this amazing idea, but don’t know how to execute it? Or maybe you already know what to do, but need someone to finance it? Whether it’s a financial or emotional question, it’s always beneficial to have support.

My last tip would be to always expand your contacts. Get to know new people and participate in events or workshops. By doing this, not only will you be inspired and inspire others, but you will also get a hold of new “tools” and skills by learning from others. The key is communication, always be eager and open to new possibilities.