Social Finance Month: Funding Systems Change

Social Finance Month
Source: ovidiu

Over the last 4 years Ashoka has been a loyal partner to social entrepreneurs and changemakers all over Romania and what we have continuously learnt from them is that to this day access to financing opportunities remains the biggest barrier to accelerating a local ecosystem prone to social entrepreneurship.

We ended 2020 with key inputs on the main needs and challenges for building such an ecosystem and we are committed to bringing together the most relevant actors able to derive change in the social finance landscape in Romania and build a sustainable Romania.

We aim to foster the creation of a long-term Romanian Social Finance Alliance, an umbrella that will host all individuals and organizations, from entrepreneurs to for-profit companies, investors and social finance enthusiasts and you are one of the key players, with your expertise, resources and commitment.

We invite you to join the effort of Ashoka Romania and its partners in raising awareness on various social finance subjects as part of a series of events and a communication campaign that we coined as Social Finance Month: Funding Systems Change.


What do we want to accomplish with Social Finance Month?

- Bring international expertise closer to the relevant Romanian stakeholders,

- Provide a space for all local experts to engage with each other in order to gain perspectives on the gap towards a developed social finance ecosystem,

- Harvest information for the largest Social Finance Market Study of the Romanian ecosystem in a collaborative way,

- Identify the most important stakeholders and people with a passion for social finance to elevate their voices in an attempt to accelerate the ecosystem in 2022.


For more details about this month's events, please access our website. And if you want to sign up, please follow this link