Program Participants

After analyzing the 124 applications, we selected 16 people to join the 6-month program. Below you can find out who they are:


Developing a community of creators of change in sport that can bring about systemic change in society.

1. The learning dimension

The program consists of 6 learning and practice modules, starting from the following questions:

  • How do I develop a solution-oriented mindset?
  • How can I reach and increase my impact?
  • How do I raise funds and position my project / organization?
  • How do I build a community around my project / organization to achieve the desired impact?
  • How do I manage the human resources needed to make an impact (volunteers, employees)?
  • How do I use the online environment to increase my impact?

Each module will start with an online session of 2-4 hours (depending on the topic) followed by a work task for which participants receive feedback from the session facilitator, from Ashoka Fellows and the Ashoka Romania team.

Community dimension

In parallel with the learning sessions, each month, we will host a space where the group can learn more about each other's initiatives, to explore together how they can grow and learn. This will be a safe space for community members only for the reflections and conversations that participants need. The process will be guided by a professional facilitator and is the basis for building and developing the community after the end of the program.

The project will bring together people from different walks of life to create a community of change that uses sport to produce social impact. There will be no further editions and we want this community of creators of change through sport to grow organically. Each member of the community will be responsible for the community, for its growth and for bringing new colleagues to learn from them what they learned in the 6-month program. During community meetings, participants will plan actions to grow the community and its practices.

This program is offered free of charge to those creators of change who invest their energy in using sport for social impact.


Eligibility criteria

1. you have an ongoing program / project that uses sport to make a positive contribution to society;

2. coming from the public (schools, universities, public institutions in the field of sports), associative (associations, foundations, federations), journalistic, private (business with social impact), civil society;

3. you have the ability to use both Romanian and English in communication;

4. You undertake to allocate 6-8 hours per month for the program (each selected person will sign a participation agreement before joining the program).

Selection criteria

Together with the strategic partner of the program, Decathlon, we will select the 15 people based on the following criteria of diversity and impact:

1. the impact region (people with initiatives from different parts of Romania);

2. the potential to bring about change through sport (we will select the people who are most likely to achieve a greater social impact by being part of the program);

3. the sport used to make an impact (people who use different sports in their initiatives);

4. the type of social problem addressed and the intervention used (we will take into account that the program includes people who address different social problems, with different means of intervention);

5. gender distribution.