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The World Today Needs Younger Changemakers: Bill Drayton, Founder – Ashoka

This article originally appeared on Financial Express

People increasingly understand that we live in a world where both change and human interconnection are accelerating exponentially. One must be a change-maker in an everything-changing world.

It has always been the case that a teenager who has had a dream, built a team, and changed her world is almost certain to have an extraordinarily successful and happy life. Those on LinkedIn who started something in their teens are four times as likely to be a C-level leader and five times as likely to be a founder as others in the relatively elite, highly educated LinkedIn universe.

Just ask the great entrepreneurs you know when they started something. Almost always you’ll see their eyes light up when they think about that turning point in their lives. Ashoka Young Changemakers are young people (teens) who have had the “your dream, your team, your changed world” experience. Now they want to grow that superpower—and they want to help everyone else have this marvellous, life-giving power.

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