About Gaharu Muda

Gaharu Muda is a collective effort across various organizations within the youth ecosystem. It aims to shift mindsets and empower young individuals to become changemakers, equipped with the skills, tools and support system necessary to solve societal problems for the greater good. 

Ashoka forms strategic partnerships with a diverse range of stakeholders, including education networks, teachers' unions, universities or schools of education, corporations, citizen sector organizations, media outlets and influencers, as well as government bodies. Through these collaborations, we strive to support every young person in realizing their full potential as a changemaker. 

Join us in this transformative movement, to realize a future where every young person is capable of shaping a brighter future for themselves and the world around them. Together, we can foster a generation of proactive and compassionate individuals who embrace change, tackle challenges head-on, and make a lasting impact on our global community. 


All around us we see evidence that we now live in a world of accelerating change, volatility and hyper connectivity – the Covid-19 pandemic has made it even clearer than ever before. Yet, societies around the world continue to focus on an old idea that “success” for young people simply means being ready for a stable job, where in fact, the nature of work is evolving. 

In a world defined by change, no one can afford to build a life around repetition, instead to be a contributor, an active player, everyone must learn to be a changemaker

Indonesia’s 65 million young people are key in defining the future of the country if we are to achieve the Golden Indonesia 2045 vision. They are powerful. And they have the potential to go beyond themselves to lead and take actions for the good of all. 

Our Activities


Ashoka Young Changemakers Selection

Ashoka is looking for individuals between the ages of 12 and 20 who have launched social initiatives, formed peer-led teams, and created solutions for the good of all whiles activating others to join in. Nominations for Ashoka Young Changemakers are accepted throughout the year, and the selection process and final panel occur every two years in Indonesia.


LeadYoung Stories

A collection of stories that shines a light on great changemakers who have led young and practiced early changemaking.  The stories demonstrate the factors – guidance from parents, teachers, peers and others – that helped them begin their changemaking journey as a teen and how the #LeadYoung experience set them up for success in the new paradigm of an Everyone A Changemaker world. 


Peer to Peer Community / Kampung Pembaharu

An initiative where a young changemaker within Ashoka network invites fellow young individuals to embark on a changemaking journey together, enhancing their solutions, building their team, and supporting each other. Ashoka serves as the hub for this endeavor, facilitating regular online discussions known as "Kampung Pembaharu" that focus on topics related to project management and making a meaningful impact.


Your Kids

Through this 90-minute workshop designed for employees and community leaders, participants will convene with like-minded colleagues to create their own unique ideas for practicing changemaking skills with those they love most: their kids. Together they will come up with ways of integrating the four changemaking skills of cognitive empathy, collaborative teamwork, new leadership, and changemaking, into their homes and workplaces. 

The Indonesian Bishops' Conference deeply appreciates Ashoka's presence. For us, Ashoka serves as a support system in the development process of young people. Over the past two years, Ashoka has provided guidance in the field of education, particularly in realizing transformative changes in remote areas such as Medan, Papua, Ambon, Maumere, and...

Gandhi Hartana
Executive Secretary of Education Division of the Indonesian Bishops’ Conference
Romo Gandhi

Gaharu Muda is an execellent initiative in equipping our children to become future leaders. As we know, Muhammadiyah schools and madrasahs are widespread throughout Indonesia, numbering around six thousand. We certainly hope that in the future, our children, and all Indonesian young people, will contribute significantly to the development of Golden...

Didik Suhardi
Chief of Primary and Secondary Education Division (Dikdasmen) of Muhammadiyah
Didik Suhardi

So far, changes have mostly originated from the centre, leading to a uniform curriculum. However, it is evident that such education policies have not yielded favourable results for decades. One effective strategy to address this issue is promoting the philosophy of independent learning. This approach empowers children to think critically...

Totok Suprayitno
The Chief Expert of Policy Analysis, Ministry of Education
Totok Suprayitno

Muhammadiyah was founded to bring transformation in the education system. It achieved this (now) through collaborative efforts with Ashoka, which created changemakers capable of spreading these transformative ideas to their friends and communities. This endeavour became an integral part of Muhammadiyah's mission to create a society that is prepared...

Arif Jamali Muis
Vice Chairperson of PWM Yogyakarta
Arif Jamali