Ashoka and The Johnson & Johnson Foundation have joined forces with the common goal of surfacing pioneering practices and growing the field of Community Health innovation in Europe!

With this partnership, we are determined to build a system that values wellbeing and prevention as much as it values treatment – acknowledging the vital importance of Community Health in creating a healthier society. By making people within communities healthier, the innovations we support will inevitably improve those communities in other ways, making them more livable, equitable, and cohesive. We intend to build upon the foundation that has already been created and provide a scalable approach for future growth in the sector.  

Together we are committed to identifying and supporting the most promising new models for creating healthy communities. The first step of our partnership was the launch of the Reimagining Community Health Challenge.  

During this challenge, we surfaced 8 pioneers in community health across Europe - system entrepreneurs who are passionate about improving health outcomes within their communities by delivering person-centered solutions. This was the first Europe-wide challenge to map and identify innovators in the field of Community Health. Our goal is to help them grow their impact and build a community that fosters an enabling environment, creating systemic change across Europe. 

What was the challenge about?

The Challenge aimed to find actors and innovations that are working to improve health outcomes by delivering person-centered solutions within communities.


We were particularly interested in solutions which:

Make novel health interventions

Improving health outcomes for individuals either through innovative health practices or access to new or expanded services that support different facets of community health and are integrated with primary care.

Improve health equity

Designing solutions that combat health disparities and improve health outcomes for marginalized communities, through improving social and/or environmental determinants.

Strengthen community governance and agency

Laying the groundwork for new processes and structures between communities, health actors, and systems that will enable community decision-making and financing, as well as promoting co-creation and self-advocacy that leads to improved health outcomes for all.

Prizes and Benefits

Among other prizes, all 8 winners received a prize award of €50,000 each, along with the opportunity to build the first-of-its kind network of community health innovators in Europe. Some winners were also invited to explore the opportunity of a long-term partnership with the J&J Foundation. They then had the chance to embark on a tailored learning journey with their peers, Ashoka and The Johnson & Johnson Foundation to enhance their scaling strategy, advocacy work, and collective impact on their way to achieve systems change