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Emerging Insights Report - 2018


“If we all don’t win, we all lose.”

This is the lesson that Ashoka Fellows around the world continue to teach us as they create innovative solutions to the world’s most pressing problems. We welcomed 109 new Ashoka Fellows into our global network in 2018, now showcased in this inaugural Emerging Insights report which details how our newly-elected Fellows change systems, cross borders, and shift mindsets in collaborative and holistic ways. In analyzing the work of these Fellows elected over the last 12 months, we saw patterns in their visions for social change as well as commonalities in the strategies and tools they use to achieve their goals. Organized broadly across eight complex global themes—such as youth, women, migration, and science and technology—this report reveals trends in these fields about where we are headed in the future.

Please find below our 8 stories on Diversity and Inclusion, Climate Change and the Environment,  Migration, WomenScience and Technology, Health, Media and Youth

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Emerging Insights 2018: Introduction

Introducing Ashoka's 2018 Emerging Insights report, showcasing the work of Fellows elected in 2018 who are solving the world most pressing issues.

Emerging Insights 2018: Diversity and Inclusion

We see an urgency to look for solutions to solve for the stereotyping and discrimination that is perpetuated in a landscape of misinformation. Read more about social innovators who are pushing through divisions to build cohesion and empathy in a time of polarization.


Emerging Insights 2018: Climate Change and the Environment

To mitigate climate change, it is becoming clear that the work has to move beyond the science to policy and individual action.  Our Fellows are leading the way to show how cross-border collaborations and new consumer demands can address an issue that is bigger than all of us.

Emerging Insights 2018: Migration

285 million (3.4% of the world population) international migrants were counted globally in 2017. Solutions for human migration that are more organized and humane will necessarily involve deeper understandings of the intersectional push and pull factors that compel people to move.

Emerging Insights 2018: Women

Challenges persist in ensuring equal rights and protections for women everywhere and initiatives to counter these realities require more comprehensive approaches to secure women’s livelihoods and engage women as co-leaders in their advancement. Female Fellows working this year to change systems for women in their communities are no different. Read examples of how social entrepreneurs challenge and shift societal norms, restructure harmful systems, and amplify women as leaders to enable them to change their communities and society.

Emerging Insights 2018: Science and Technology

It can sometimes feel that support for science is at risk as a distrust of academic institutions and big data abound. Numerous institutions and organizations are calling for scientists to integrate their scientific focus on practical solutions to solve pressing problems. Scientists are already taking up the charge - moving beyond their labs to engage in the public debate to advocate for truth in an age of disinformation, but even more are needed to ensure that scientific evidence remains the foundation on which we build knowledge.

Emerging Insights 2018: Health

Half the world lacks access to essential health services, pushing 100 million people into extreme poverty because they must pay for health care out of pocket. Greater interconnections and cross-border communication pathways are enabling real-time health solutions and enabling more people to take proactive control in their individual health outcomes.

Emerging Insights 2018: Media

According to the Edelman Barometer, there was a 22 percentage point drop in trust of media between 2017 and 2018 worldwide and 7 in 10 people worry about the use of “fake news” as a weapon. In 22 out of 28 market surveys, media is the least trusted institution. Ashoka Fellows are working to rebuild trust in the media and champion truth by ensuring journalists have the resources and tools that enable rigorous, fact-based, and reliable journalism.

Emerging Insights 2018: Youth

With 1.8 billion people, 25% of the total global population, between 10 and 24, strategizing a better future for young people is of utmost importance. Our Fellows this year are helping to resolve the youth paradox by recognizing the importance of personalized and local context in facilitating opportunities for young people to lead.


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