Our Volunteer Translation Teams

Ashoka would like to acknowledge and thank the following translators who have provided exceptional translations for our staff and Fellows over the past several months. Their responsiveness, careful attention and professional skill propel our Everyone a Changemaker mission forward and for that we are forever grateful! 

 Sabeena Ahmed

Jemma Alarcon

Carla Almeida

Géraldine Anberree

Anne Laure Archambeau

Sidra Baksh

Myriam Bastian

Irene Palmer Bautista

Gabriel Grancieri Caetano

Sarah Capecci

Paolo Carnevali

Flavia Cataldo

Grzegorz Chmielewski

Aleida Cobos

Diana Coelho

Arthur Cunha

Elvira de Rosa

Maria Doglioli

Charlotte Dorville

Carmen Duran

Kate Estivill

Dina Fayyad

Natalia Fernández

Alina Förster

Pierre Golbach

Loïc Henry

Aline Hoefer

James Hoyle

Michal Jaworski

Noemi Jimenez

Bertrand Leduc

Scott Lee

Fabien Ligot

Nuria Sintes Llopis

Philips Loh

Johanna Felicitas Maasackers

Loriana Mancini

Teresa Marcheco

Irene Maseda Martín

Cristina Martins

Vicky Milton

Jea Morri

Andrea Musumeci

Natasha Núñez

Thomas Partensky

Dana Payne

Marta Giralt Perramon

Marie Renoul

Alba Pérez Rodriguez

Lucy Rojas

Eliana Marilín Sánchez Vélez

Davide Santori

Lucy Sawdon

Benjamin Scholz

Jungmin Shon

Xiomara Smith

Michael van Straaten

Maureen Toure

Eliana Marilín Sánchez Vélez

Hamid Yakoubi

Micaela Young

Francisco Zamorano

Magdalena Ziemska


 (Please let us know if you've translated for us and are not acknowledged above)


Are you an experienced translator who would like to help Ashoka staff or Fellows translate documents into your native language? We'd love to hear from you!

If they are able, Ashoka on-call translators respond to translation needs as they arise. We credit you for the translation, and strive to never take your time or talents for granted! If you would like to join our family of on-call translators, write to Beth Inabinett at binabinett@ashoka.org with "Translation" in the subject line. Please include:

  • Name
  • Address
  • Email Address
  • Languages you can translate to and from
  • Level of fluency in those languages
  • Your native language
  • Your availability
  • Years of translation experience
  • Any specific skills or specialties that could be relevant