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Make Impactful Connections Quickly and Easily, Access Global Resources

The Ashoka Fellow Directory and Resource Center is a significant, yet simple tool to help you and other Ashoka Fellows more easily discover and connect with one another from across the world and access resources to support your work. 


This simple, secure, digital tool was created with and for Fellows exclusively. Access it via your computer, smartphone or other device — it's available in 15 languages and growing


Share your latest projects, interests and priorities. Manage your contact information and decide how you want others to reach you! 


Discover other leading social innovators from the Ashoka community across the globe. 


Connect with Fellows who share your interests, passion, and vision. The Directory will enable you to use each of your preferred platforms to get in touch with them. 


Collaborate with the Fellows you meet by sharing knowledge and partnering in ways that matter for the impact you seek. 

Curate Your Profile

For Fellows only, the Ashoka Fellow Directory gives you the ability to update and manage your information securely – whether your preferred contact details shared privately within the community of trust, or your current work and interests that you want reflected on other platforms (e.g.  

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What You Can Expect

Find and Network With Other Fellows from Across the Globe

Filter and search for other Fellows in the network to find and connect with the people that are most interesting to you.  

Manage Your Contacts

Keep track of your contacts or save Fellow profiles for later by adding them to your personal Contact List.  

Share Your Current Projects, Interests, and Priorities

Edit your profile to showcase your recent work and share a specific ask or offer to increase your chances of finding meaningful connections. 

Update Your Information

Keep your contact data up to date so Fellows and Ashoka can stay in touch with you. YOU decide how you want other Fellows to reach you!  

Access the Resource Center

Currently in BETA version, this hub is designed to connect you with global resources to help you thrive and drive positive social impact.

A Tool Built With Fellows, For Fellows

The Ashoka Fellow Directory was designed in partnership with a diverse group of Fellows from around the world, exclusively for the Fellow Community !  

Frequently Asked Questions 


  • Who can access the Ashoka Fellow Directory? 

The Ashoka Fellow Directory is an exclusive tool for the Fellow Community. Only Fellows and Ashoka staff can view the information featured. 


  • What is the Resource Center? 

The Resources Directory (BETA) is designed to connect the Ashoka Fellows, with global resources to help them thrive and drive positive social impact. To make our resources accessible in multiple languages, the Resources Directory automatically translates into 15 languages. For any queries about the information on our website, please feel free to contact us at [email protected] The resources are categorised under three sections:
•    Me: includes information related to the way Ashoka provides support, learning resources, and other Fellowships & prizes.
•    My Organization: resources to support the growth and development, such as the Volunteer Marketplace, funding opportunities, etc
•    My Community: information on how to connect and engage with peers, mentors, and experts within and beyond the Ashoka community.


  • What is the difference between the Ashoka Fellow Directory and the Search page on 

While you can search for Fellows on, as a private tool, the Directory allows you to see their contact details so you can get in touch directly. Additionally, you will be able to find Fellow recommendations based on your field and location, as well as view Fellows who are actively seeking collaboration.  

Through the Directory, you can manage your information to tailor the marketing of your profile. Update your contact details, add information about your most recent work, and share a proposal or an ask so other Fellows know what you are looking for. The changes you make will be automatically saved to Ashoka’s database, making it easier for us to stay in touch and share relevant opportunities with you! Some edits, such as your location and fields of work, will also update your public profile on  


  • How do I sign in?  

If you are a Fellow, go to and enter your email to log in with a unique code. Follow the instructions on the screen to update your profile and settings. That’s it! No need to set up an account or a password. Follow the steps on the screen to update your information and you’re set to start navigating. You can always go back to edit your profile and settings.  


  • I am having trouble signing in. 

If you’re unable to sign in, here are some of the common reasons:  

- We do not have your preferred email address on file. Your account is linked to the email address on our database, so if it is not up to date, you will not be able to use the Ashoka Fellow Directory. Please reach out to your country rep to update your preferred email address. 

- You have not completed the Fellow Onboarding process. All new Fellows are required to sign the Conditions of Association (COA). This document enables full access to the Ashoka network, including your Directory account.  If you have not signed the COA yet, please reach out to your country rep to find out more. 

If the issue persists, please contact us at: [email protected].  


  • Who will be able to see my information? 

Only Fellows with access to the Directory and Ashoka staff will be able to see your full profile information. By default, your Directory profile will show a summary from your profile and your email address. Once you sign in to your account you will be able to update this information and add contact options.  

You can choose to keep some of your contact details private. For example, you can add a phone number so we can update our database, but hide it from Fellows on the Directory. At least one contact option must remain visible to other Fellows so they can get in touch with you.  

Only the following information will be publicly visible on your profile: profile picture, location (city and country), organization name and website, and social media (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn).

To find out more about how the Fellow Directory uses your data, you can read Ashoka’s Privacy Policy. If you would like us to remove your profile, please fill in this form. You will no longer be visible to other Fellows and you will automatically lose access to the Directory. 


  • I have updated my profile, now what? 

Congratulations! You’re ready to start connecting. Navigate the dashboard to find Fellow recommendations, or use the Search bar to look for key words. You can also use the Advanced Filter options to narrow your search by location and field(s) of work. Select Fellows to display their full profile. Tip: Click on “Status” to filter Fellows who are actively seeking collaboration. 


  • How can I contact Fellows through the Directory? 

Once you have found a profile that you are interested in, click on “Save” to add the Fellow to your Contact List or click “Contact” to see their contact options. After you select a contact option, you will be automatically redirected to a third-party platform (e.g. Email, LinkedIn, WhatsApp) where you can start the conversation. Tip: Copy your respective Country Representatives so they can support you with follow-ups, translation, and general guidance! Not sure who they are? Email us at [email protected]


  • How do I change the Directory’s language? 

Follow these steps to change your language preferences: 

  1. Open Menu > select Settings  

  1. Select Account > change your Language  

We want to make sure that the Fellow Directory reflects the diversity of our community. Can’t find your language? Get in touch with us at: [email protected].  


  • I do not want to be visible on the Directory. What can I do? 

All active and new Fellows are automatically added to the Fellow Directory with the public information from and their email address. If you would like to opt-out, please fill out this form or email us at: [email protected].  


  • I have an idea for a new feature. Whom may I contact?  

We want to hear from you! The Ashoka Fellow Directory was created for and with Fellows, so your feedback is extremely important to us to continue to enhance the tool. Please send your suggestions, comments or questions to: [email protected].   

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