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Ashoka U - Renewal Launch Manager

Ashoka U is hiring an entrepreneurial and experience Renewal Launch Manager to oversee the iteration and design of Changemaker Campus Renewal, a process of institutional recommitment to social innovation for Changemaker Campuses. The Renewal Launch manager would be responsible for iterating and developing a pilot product line, bringing in between $80,000 and $120,000 in revenue every year, and working closely with faculty and staff to improve social innovation programming at colleges and universities around the world.

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Ashoka U - Knowledge Curator

Ashoka U is developing the Commons, an open standard that empowers all campuses to advance their social innovation programs.  The Ashoka U Knowledge Curator will play a key role in both creating and implementing Ashoka U’s data strategy as it relates to the Commons, the Exchange and Changemaker Campus. The Knowledge Curator will be responsible for integrating these separate data streams across Ashoka U. He or she will also have direct input on creating the Commons, will be responsible for shaping the 2016 Exchange community and will lead the development of the next generation of Ashoka U knowledge products.

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Global Talent - Operations Manager & Senior Manager

The Manager and Senior Manager will enable Ashoka’s central talent operations for 400 staff across 47 countries to help them realize an Everyone a Changemaker world. These roles will expose them to the inner workings of a global business through the human resources lens, with people at the focus. During a time of organizational growth, the team is constantly evolving its operational strategies, infrastructure development and business processes in support of a fluid team of teams environment.

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Community Greens Leader 

Ashoka is seeking a serial entrepreneur dedicated to the commons, the sharing economy, and an Everyone a Changemaker world to lead this challenging opportunity from our Arlington, Virginia world headquarters. At the deepest gut level, these individuals’ life missions are to assist in the evolution of property ownership so that communities, individuals, and the environment can thrive. They will have been active in the commons/shared economy sector and demonstrated their ability to unite disparate stakeholders and effect concrete positive social change.

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Changemakers - Partnerships Manager

Ashoka Changemakers seeks a Partnerships Manager who will enjoy building relationships and developing products in close collaboration with partners and internal stakeholders.  This individual will possess strong business acumen, as well as creativity, passion, and demonstrated commitment to positive social change and social entrepreneurship. The Partnerships Manager will be responsible for achieving quarterly revenue targets by attracting new corporate, foundation and other partners, positioning Ashoka Changemakers as a critical resource for other Ashoka programs and country offices, stewarding partner relationships, and effectively managing the account development and fundraising process.  Is this you or someone you know?

Apply/nominate here: http://bit.ly/1sbIAxA

Changemakers - Director of Media & Communications

The Director of Media & Communications will report directly to the Executive Partner and work closely with the Executive Team, Media Team, and Partnerships Team. The person will develop and oversee innovative media strategies across a wide-range of philanthropic and corporate partnerships. The person will be responsible for leading a team of media managers and content creators, while building high-impact partnerships across the media and storytelling sector.

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Social Financial Services Associate

Ashoka Social Financial Services (SFS) believes that markets can be a powerful tool to improve the character and quality of people’s lives. The work of Ashoka social entrepreneurs points to important patterns and powerful insights about how we can use markets to solve entrenched social problems. We are using what we learn from these innovations to begin to think about how to create a new economic architecture, one where economic advantage inherently creates social benefit.

We are looking for a dynamic person to join our team as a Program Associate and collaborate with us in beginning to create this new economic architecture. We are particularly interested in candidates who share our belief that markets play a critical role in improving that quality and character of people's lives.

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Start Empathy - Changemakers Schools Global Director

Senior role to lead creative development and engagement of the global Changemakers School network, working closely with colleagues and partners based in North America, Latin America, Europe, Africa, and Asia. Ashoka Changemaker Schools are schools selected as leaders in “everyone a changemaker” education that are prioritizing empathy and changemaking skill development in students, as well as for their influence and ability to help lead a broader transformation in society’s understanding of success in growing up. Global experience essential.

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Start Empathy - Global Communications Director

Senior role to lead Ashoka’s global Start Empathy communications strategy, working closely with colleagues and partners in North America, Latin America, Europe, Africa, and Asia, to coordinate internal and external communications globally, strategically amplify the work of our network at the global level, and creatively engage media companies and thought leaders with our global network. Global experience essential.

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Financial Analyst

Ashoka is seeking a budget analyst with an expertise in accounting, finance, or business who is eager to assist in development of key financial targets, annual budget and periodic forecast, and monthly performance reports.  The ideal candidate will have an eye to improve systems and will work well in collaborative teams and across cultures across cultures. Is this you or someone you know?  

Apply/nominate here: http://bit.ly/1diDR4q

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