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    The New Operating System For Our Changemaker World


    The world is undergoing a dramatic evolution from old, industrialized societies to modern, change-based systems. We need a dramatic global recalibr

    Learning to Live in a Team-of-Teams World


    In 2013, Bill Drayton published an SSIR article called “A Team of Teams World.”

    What does it take to be a ‘changemaker’?

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    ASEAN+SocialGood Forum: Building an inclusive ASEAN

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    Ashoka Philippines


    The organization was named after the Indian emperor Ashoka, a good historical example of a social innovator.

    Bill Drayton on The Big Think: Tearing Down the New Inequality


    Bill Drayton, the founder and CEO of Ashoka, thinks that doing business today relies on being as prismatic and as open as possible.