2016 Globalizer: Re-imagine Learning

Can play time change the world? 

Ashoka and the LEGO Foundation believe in the need to re-imagine learning and in the importance of play as the best way for children to develop critical skills to engage them as creative changemakers. 

The Re-imagine Learning network is an international network of social innovators dedicated to improving education through play and re-imagining learning for all. Ashoka and the LEGO Foundation are providing them with the tools and support to strategically and rapidly spread their innovation in order to achieve change on a global scale. 16 members of the Re-imagine Learning network are currently participating in the Re-imagine Learning Globalizer.

The Re-Imagine Learning Fellows:

Ashoka Fellows:



During a 3-month advisory process, the social entrepreneurs are matched with global business leaders and consultants who help them develop their scaling strategies. At the end of this process, the social entrepreneurs will meet at the Globalizer Summit in London where they will work with high-level entrepreneurs and sector experts to take their initiatives to the next level. Here, the social entrepreneurs have a chance to connect, exchange and collaborate to maximise their social impact.

Find out more about the Re-imagine Learning Network and the Re-imagine Learning Globalizer

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Articles from the Summit:

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