Montserrat Del Pozo

Ashoka Fellow
Fellow Since 2014
Colegio Montserrat


This profile was prepared when Montserrat Del Pozo was elected to the Ashoka Fellowship in 2014.
The New Idea
Montserrat is leading an educational reform movement that starts by changing how teachers see their roles, provides them the tools to play their new roles and creates the support system that enables them to carry out the needed transformations.

Through training, Montserrat provides teachers, on top of everything, the inspiration and security to lead the change. The first module of a well-structured 5 module training program for teachers focuses on motivation. It stats by telling teachers “Look at how the world looks like” by showing them inspiring movies or documentaries that speak about present and future challenges and show successful and inspiring examples from around the world to ask them right away if they believe that the educational system is prepared to face those challenges. This phase generates “the need for searching”. This part of the training is open to parents of the school as well.

Further on, the training given to teachers focuses on how to put students at the center of learning by placing their needs at the core of the curriculum and bringing out the best of each child. It shows teachers how to stimulate active learning, promote self-confidence among students and make students responsible pro-active players in their own education.

Once the mindset is changed, Montserrat offers schools and teachers in particular, a set of tools and proven methodologies that help them transform the curriculum, the teaching and evaluation methodologies, classroom and school organization, and teachers’ and students’ roles.

The techniques and principles that teachers embrace and adapt to their circumstances are numerous, but entail common threads such as the emphasis on critical thinking skills, project based learning and integrating service learning and social entrepreneurship in the curriculum in a well-structured manner that fits into the legal frame of compulsory education.

Teachers are exposed to tools, examples and tested methods that they are asked to adapt and apply right away (from the first session teachers are asked to implement pilot projects at their own classroom) and that serve as well as a tool to open their minds and expand their world of references by showing inspiring examples, talks and experiences from around the world.

Through guiding teachers, administrators and families to rethink the school system together, Montserrat is changing the way students learn and teachers teach.

With considerable success in transforming many schools in Spain, Montserrat is able to offer significant evidence of the success of her reform approach, through both her own school and numerous others that are already part of this movement, motivating in this way other schools, administrators and families to be part of it.
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