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    Fachrurrazi Ch. Malley (Rajidt) is building a network of activists to stop the illegal logging that is devastating Indonesia's forests.

    Sirikit Syah has set up a citizen monitoring effort to help journalists and press associations improve their professional standards and ensure continued support for a free press.

    By exposing the risks of some products marketed to children, Emmy Lucy Smith is making it more difficult and risky for producers to market and sell unsafe products.

    Derajat Ginandjar “Ginan” Koesmayadi is transforming public education, particularly the treatment of and attitudes toward those with HIV and drug addiction in a way that benefits all segments of society. Ginan communicates health education to youth in a way that is both understandable and credible, while also providing comprehensive care in a safe environment for those affected.

    Hokky Situngkir, an expressive, rising young scientist, is engaging the Indonesian populace in uncovering, valuing, and using its diverse cultural knowledge. In a country of repressed cultural diversity and competing ideologies, Hokky applies the objectivity of science to build a shared national cultural narrative and make its value accessible to all.

    Average school enrollment has increased across Indonesia’s diverse archipelago, yet two million Indonesian children still remain out of primary school. John Rahail, a second generation Papuan, is introducing a preschool experience rooted in traditional culture that makes education relevant, children confident, and families invested in their children’s school success.

    Vinsensius Nurak, a farmer’s son, realized that food insecurity and deteriorating livelihoods will continue to plague rural families in the world’s arid lands as long as agricultural and development agencies continue to see them as mere beneficiaries to receive training. Instead, he is putting farmers in Eastern Indonesia in charge of transforming their dry and degraded land into healthy forests that produce food year-round and drive economic growth in the region.

    By creating a school experience and a new curriculum that values and develops the talents of special needs students, Ciptono is changing both the public’s perception of such individuals and their own self-images. Ciptono prefers to refer to such persons as differently-abled or “diffabled”—thereby suggesting their roles as contributors to society—is engaged in related advocacy work, and plans to construct a House of Inspiration to display the talents of diffabled people in an uplifting way.

    Mia Sutanto is organizing mother-to-mother support groups that encourage mothers to opt for, and help them succeed in, breastfeeding their children in accordance with international norms endorsed by the Indonesian government. Through these groups and related advocacy activities, Mia is making important inroads in combating malnutrition—a major cause of infant and child mortality in Indonesia.

    With the absence of a work-at-height safety system, Indonesia is second in the world for number of workplace accidents. Harry Suliztiarto, a professional rock climber, has pioneered the safety system for workers at height in Indonesia.