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    Enrique Velazquez set up the Durango Committee for the Preservation and Defense of the Environment, a model of cooperation between government, industry, and the community. Replacing paralyzing conflict, this approach sorts through environmental problems and promotes ecologically sound, balanced alternatives.

    Dariusz is engaging fathers in hands-on roles and reenergizing the father as a key figure in the development of a child.

    Ryszard Michalski is helping a subculture of Polish youth who are politely referred to as alternative, but often seen as deviant, to contribute significantly to society. He helps them to find jobs and provides them with an organized forum and a self-driven system to carry out a portfolio of social activities.

    Tomasz Sadowski is pioneering a new approach for dealing with Poland's most chronic homeless cases by creating self-sufficient rural communities.

    In communities where environmental protection has rarely been a priority, Ewa Romanow stimulates ecological consciousness and action by bringing their immediate economic benefits to light. Working in small towns and rural areas throughout Poland, she helps people learn to increase income and social capital without sacrificing the health of their surroundings.

    Jadwiga Lopata is creating an alternative "eco-village" economy for rural Poland by introducing family farms to the emerging premium markets for organic produce and livestock, and building a cottage eco-tourism industry around the lifestyle of natural farming.

    Jarek Dominiak is forming investment clubs to teach financial management skills to people from all walks of life, and particularly to people living in rural areas. These clubs build trust among participants and encourage hands-on learning through collective investing.

    Krzysztof Liszcz is training the mothers of children with cerebral palsy to provide improved care for their children in a home-based program that is spreading throughout Poland. His program reduces state expenditures while certifying the mothers so that they can earn money with their new skills.

    Piotr is revolutionizing the way communities in rural Poland heat their homes, and in the process, promoting innovation and local development. By utilizing locally-grown straw instead of coal, the communities are reducing pollution and realizing substantial savings, which is then reinvested in other income-generating ventures.

    Sabina Pieruzek-Nowak has demonstrated that education at the local level can transform attitudes about killing predatory animals such as wolves, and make environmental activists out of local people.