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In 2013, seven years after founding BUILD, I co-founded Aki Energy. This non-profit social enterprise employs First Nations communities in green energy and health food initiatives, and reaches more communities every year. The job now is to engage the new Canadian government so that we can remove the barriers preventing the re-emergence of the local economy.

After over a decade in the social purpose field, I have just written a book called An Army of Problem Solvers: Reconciliation and the Solutions Economy. A cross-Canada book tour starts this September. The book talks about problem solvers and what they can do to improve Canadian society. Why are there no gardens in Garden Hill First Nation? What does reconciliation really mean for Canada? In all of this there is a new role for government: it must shift from focusing on problems to focusing on problem solvers.

    Cette description du travail de Shaun Loney a été rédigée lors de sa sélection comme Fellow Ashoka en 2014.
    Shaun Loney is using economic solutions based in the creation of local environmentally-friendly economies to bring employment and prosperity to Aboriginal peoples in Canada. He is targeting and engaging those most vulnerable to unemployment and supporting them to establish green solutions to pressing community problems. This win-win strategy is saving energy, bringing jobs and prosperity to the disadvantaged areas and empowering the Aboriginal community to become experts in the most cutting-edge energy-saving technologies.
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