Ashoka Fellow
Fellow depuis 2011



    Cette description du travail de Arnoud Raskin a été rédigée lors de sa sélection comme Fellow Ashoka en 2011.
    Observing that 90% of street kids that go in a shelter drop out after 2 days, Arnoud is revolutionizing assistance to street kids to multiply their chances of successfully reintegrating into society. By reaching them in their environment - the street - and focusing on their positive skills to restore their self-esteem, he empowers them until they decide by themselves to move towards a better future. Catalyzed in the Mobile Schools tool, his work is now deployed in 20 countries in over 4 continents. Creating virtuous effects, Arnoud has also launched a for-profit company in Belgium to provide companies with “StreetwiZe” trainings, transform society’s perception of vulnerable people, build empathy towards them, and simultaneously create an economic model to sustain the growth of the Mobile School programs.
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