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Philippe de Roux

Ashoka Fellow since mar 2015


50 % de la population mondiale est urbaine en 2015, 75% en 2050 : 40% de cette croissance se fera dans les bidonvilles, perçus comme une nuisance par les autorités publiques et dont les habitants sont considérés comme non solvables. En parallèle, les solutions d’accès à l’eau sont...

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Bénédicte Défontaines

Ashoka Fellow since juil 2013




Face à l’engorgement des hôpitaux spécialisés dans les maladies cognitives et pour démocratiser l’accès à un diagnostic précoce, rapide et accessible à tous, assorti d’une prise en charge adaptée, Bénédicte crée en 2004 un...

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Subroto Das

Ashoka Fellow since mai 2004

Dr Subroto Das, winner of one of India’s highest civilian awards, Padma Shri for his work on Highway Trauma Care, co-founded Lifeline Foundation along with his wife, Sushmita (after surviving a life-threatening accident in August, 1999 on one of India’s busiest highways), with the aim of reducing...

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Renê Patriota

Ashoka Fellow since sep 2001

Renê Patriota is a physician who empowers consumers to demand and receive better health care from both the public health system and private health insurance and health plans. Her association resolves immediate problems that threaten patients' access to urgently needed medical attention and seeks... Lire la suite
In a pilot center in a small town in northeastern Brazil, Renata Arantes Villela is creating a caring and nurturing environment for the disabled. With strong links to the broader community in which it is based, the pilot center will serve as a model for the development of much-needed services for... Lire la suite
Vera Gaensly Cordeiro is a pediatrician who could not stand to see terribly or terminally ill children obtain treatment in her hospital only to be released to such poverty that they could not recover or have hope of comfort. Lire la suite

Suely Carvalho Neves

Ashoka Fellow since jan 1991

For Suely Carvalho, the solution to healthier and happier births, especially among the underprivileged, lies in using natural procedures with the help of well-trained midwives. Suely, a nursing midwife herself, plans to revitalize this dying profession by creating a strong network of these... Lire la suite
Luiz de Barros (Brazil 1997) is implementing Brazil's first nationwide network of self-help groups for the mentally disabled, while challenging Brazilian society to recognize, understand, and address the needs and rights of the mentally disabled population in their midst. Lire la suite
Dr. Roberto Kikawa has developed an affordable and sustainable system that is bringing teams of medical professionals to offer healthcare and health education services to low-income rural communities in Brazil. Lire la suite

José Marmo da Silva

Ashoka Fellow since déc 1996

Jose Marmo da Silva (Brazil 1996) is a dentist working in the public health system in Rio de Janeiro, and an "oga," or initiate of the African Brazilian religion of Candomble. Jose believes that Western style AIDS-prevention campaigns do not work in the Afro-Brazilian context. Therefore he is... Lire la suite