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Maria del Carmen Arriola

Ashoka Fellow since jan 1998

In a country that has made no provision for education of students younger than six, María del Carmen Arriola has developed an effective way to launch programs that stimulate children's intellectual and physical development from the earliest ages, and she is poised to institutionalize these programs... Lire la suite

Carlos Bareiro

Ashoka Fellow since jan 2004

In a fragile democracy fraught with corruption, Carlos Bareiro prepares ordinary citizens to push public institutions toward high standards of integrity and transparency. Lire la suite

María José Cabezudo

Ashoka Fellow since aoû 2017

María is working in a sustained and responsible manner in the recognition, defense and realization of the fundamental rights and freedoms of the people with disabilities. Although their specific focus is on people with disabilities, their actions reach the population as a whole and are oriented... Lire la suite

Gustavo Adolfo Candia Irigoitia

Ashoka Fellow since jan 2001

Gustavo Candia protects Paraguay's wetlands ecosystems by mobilizing citizen sector organizations to change harmful cultivation methods, offer environment-friendly jobs, and design new land use policies. By creating a bilateral environmental protection strategy, he works with institutions in other... Lire la suite

Marguiorina Cardozo

Ashoka Fellow since fév 2004

Marguiorina Balbuena has created an organization of peasant and indigenous women in Paraguay to promote gender equality and insert a cohesive women’s voice in national and international decision-making. Lire la suite
The development of civil society in Paraguay has been slowed by decades of military dictatorship and political suppression. To change this reality, Agustín Carrizosa is strengthening Paraguay’s citizen organizations by enabling them to better penetrate and impact public policy and facilitate... Lire la suite

Bruno Defelippe

Ashoka Fellow since aoû 2017

Bruno is developing an entrepreneurial ecosystem in Paraguay and Latin American to change the way society relates and solves problems. Through a youth-centric approach, Bruno is promoting social innovation through a synaptic network of young social entrepreneurs dedicated to solving social problems... Lire la suite

Marta Elisa Codas

Ashoka Fellow since déc 1999

Because of a recent move toward governmental decentralization in Paraguay, now is the right moment for the rights of people with disabilities to be recognized at all levels. Marta Codas is a great strategist with a long trajectory of initiatives in this field. Her new vision encompasses a... Lire la suite

Gabriela Frers

Ashoka Fellow since mar 2008

Gabriela Frers is creating a certification stamp for handicraft products that will allow local artisans to earn a fair wage for their traditionally-made products. Through the International Fair Trade Agreement (IFTA) Gabriela is working at local, regional, and international levels with artisans,... Lire la suite

Domingo Guzman Rolón Centurión

Ashoka Fellow since jan 1995

Domingo Rolón is re-inventing the venerable practice of trade apprenticeship in light of contemporary Paraguay's human resource needs and within a context of rapid urbanization and impersonal free market economics. Lire la suite