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    Roselio is a Purepechan Indian from the highland community of Cheranatzicurin in the state of Michoacan.

    Jayro Pereira de Jesus is setting out to organize the millions of Brazilians who practice Afro-Brazilian religions. Together they will be better able not only to defend their right to worship freely, but also to articulate their underlying philosophical differences with European philosophy and to evolve with confidence. de Jesus sees this as a necessary step if Brazil's two main cultural heritages are to come together with mutual respect.

    Fazlul Huq grew up in Madaripur in southern Bangladesh, earned his law degree, experienced the struggle for independence and its aftermath, and began spending much of his time serving poor clients, especially the most vulnerable -- women and the Hindu minority -- pro bono. After handling 2000 such cases personally, he's now building Bangladesh's major rural legal rights/assistance effort.

    Muslikhin Kusma, works in the very poor Gunung Kidul highland area near Yogyakarta, Central Java. He is organizing recent village secondary school graduates to provide continuing informal challenge and education to the bulk of younger children who drop out of school by the sixth grade.

    Josephina Bacarica directs an agricultural community center in Sao Paulo which promotes directed educational programs to avoid migration to the city.

    Elcylene Leocadio, a young doctor from Recife in Brazil's Northeast, wants to ensure that poor women receive appropriate, integrated medical assistance and are able to make well-informed decisions on family planning.

    Joao Winther intends to give the fishermen living along Brazil's vast coast preventive legal protection so they can defend their continued use of the oceanfront.

    Joao Claudio has long sought the most effective way to serve the poor: first as a Jesuit, then as a social activist, and now as a doctor developing novel ways of providing first-class health care to Brazil's slum dwellers.

    Joao Marcos Romao is creating multi-disciplinary multiracial self help groups to defend human rights and promote racial equality.

    Frederico Fullgraf is an environmental filmmaker and writer from Rio de Janeiro. He is using his skills to educate people and promote popular participation regarding environmental issues, and especially about nuclear energy.