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In a pilot center in a small town in northeastern Brazil, Renata Arantes Villela is creating a caring and nurturing environment for the disabled. With strong links to the broader community in which it is based, the pilot center will serve as a model for the development of much-needed services for... Lire la suite

Hélène Viruega

Ashoka Fellow since mai 2016


Afin d’améliorer durablement l’autonomie de patients souffrant de troubles neurologiques et neuropsychiatriques graves, Hélène a développé Equiphoria : une démarche thérapeutique non-médicamenteuse innovante centrée sur le potentiel de chaque patient, dont l’une des caractéristiques est le...

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Through the Institute for Inclusive Education, Jan Wulf-Schnabel lays the foundation for the society-wide recognition, promotion and use of the abilities of people with intellectual disabilities (PWDs). He opens up the educational sector for PWDs as teachers and thereby, not only creates meaningful... Lire la suite

David Yeung

Ashoka Fellow since oct 2018

David Yeung is seeking to mitigate the impact on the environment and climate change caused by vast consumption of beef, poultry and pork by offering consumers in Greater China and East Asia easy ways to reduce meat in their daily diet and shift to a more sustainable plant-based choice in diet. Lire la suite