Stéphane De Freitas

Ashoka Fellow
Fellow depuis 2017

Le projet

Ce profil a été établi lorsque Stéphane De Freitas a rejoint le réseau Ashoka en 2017.
Built from his own experiences, Stéphane has developed the concept of "gathering opposites.” In a French context where social cohesion is increasingly crumbling, he bridges the gaps in the community by activating two powerful levers to peaceful coexistence: dialogue across differences and our desire to help each other. Starting in the most deprived area of France, Stéphane has built a new eloquence-based educative experience to equip hundreds of young people with the confidence and skills to express their voice and experiment with their power to be full and active citizens. With the intention to go a step further in effectively connecting people from all walks of life, he is also developing the first ever social network that incentivizes generosity to raise a global wave of mutual help.
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