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En tant qu’organisation, Ashoka est très attachée à l’esprit d’équipe, et recherche des individus qui partagent sa vision et ses valeurs :

- Une volonté de lutter contre les inégalités

- Le respect de la capacité de chacun à contribuer au changement

- La bienveillance et le respect dans nos actions au quotidien

- Le travail en équipe et la collaboration avec tous les secteurs de la société

Pour ces raisons, notre processus de recrutement s’attache autant à l’état d’esprit et aux valeurs personnelles qu’aux compétences et à l’expérience.

Rejoignez-nous !

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Ashoka Africa Internship

Ashoka has been working in Africa since 1990, supporting innovators who are solving social, economic and environmeental problems. Ashoka Africa is now expanding its support to innovative Everyone a Changemaker (EACH) institutions that are building new ways for everyone to gain the foundational skills needed for changemaking. We have hubs in Nairobi, Johannesburg, Dakar, and Lagos.

Youth Venture Storytelling Innovation Internship

Two interns are needed for Youth Venture’s Start Empathy Communications and Storytelling Innovation programs.


Interns will work directly with Youth Venture's Director of Storytelling Innovation on global strategy needs and will engage in creative collaboration on ways to mobilize schools, educators, youth, social entrepreneurs, refugees, and the media on our storytelling tool for healing, changemaking, innovation, and community-building.


The Youth Venture team at Ashoka is looking for a dynamic, entrepreneurial student with strong writing & communication skills and potentially multimedia production experience.

Start Empathy Graduate Internship

Internship Title: Network Management Summer Associate


Internship Responsibilities:

-Creating a relationship management system for US community of innovators and influencers in education
-Coordinating with Knowledge team to ensure research informs the way we work and communicate with our network
-Writing and developing materials and mechanisms that foster greater sense of community, collaboration, and impact within network


Key Skills:

Talent and Operations Intern

The Ashoka Global Talent team is looking for two students, preferably studying law, psychology, or organizational management with strong intercultural cross-communication skills; can work with sensitive information; and the ability to process information in a rigid and organized manner


Help design operations database for 40 countries worldwide

ensure each country office has legally aligned contracts, labor law surveys, and salary frameworks

work closely with team members worldwide to ensure best cast practice in compliance

Strategic Planning Internship


- Analyze database to identify gaps among people's goals world-wide and present findings
- Create organizational simple/easy-to-understand vision explanation materials or videos to promote organization-wide strategic alignment
- Organize meetings among program/regional leaders and keep records of key discussions
- Support any necessary work required to run the strategic planning process


Global Engagement Team Internship

The Search team at Ashoka is looking for a dynamic, entrepreneurial student with strong writing skills, marketing acumen, and potentially multimedia production experience.


SUMMER INTERNS (Undergraduate students)  + SUMMER ASSOCIATES (Graduate Students) – ASHOKA HQ, Arlington VA (1 metro stop from DC)


June 12-August 18

Hours: Depends on team and school summer funding requirements, typically M- Thur: 10 AM- 5 PM, Fridays 10 AM- 2PM

Volunteering with Ashoka UK

If you’re thinking about applying for a volunteer position with Ashoka UK, please read the information below before doing so, it contains relevant facts about the application process and timelines.