Explora Nuestra Red

Title Type País Focus of work Año de elección Organización
Mariana Ruenes Fellow Mexico 2023
Graciela Rojas Fellow Mexico Gender equity, Networking, Corporate social responsibility, Education reform, Changemaking, Capacity building 2023
Dylan Terrell Fellow Mexico Water management, Pollution, Education / Learning, Construction, Technology, Social work, Sustainability, Health & Fitness, Health care, Rural development 2023
Kenji López Fellow Mexico 2022
Kenya Cuevas Fellow Mexico 2022
José de Jesús Sánchez Fellow Mexico Disability rights, Human rights, Human Rights & Equity, Community development, Girls’ development, Disability, Employment, Social enterprise, Empathy, Gender equity, Black, Indigenous, and People of Color Rights, Business & Social Enterprise, Labor 2021
Arturo Hernandez Fellow Mexico Citizen / community participation, Media, Civic Engagement 2019
Mauro Antonio Vargas Urías Fellow Mexico Gender equity, Men’s issues, Women’s issues, Human Rights & Equity 2019
Mauricio Martinez Miramontes Fellow Mexico Biodiversity, Climate change, Changemaking, Conservation / protection, Indigenous cultures, Rural development, Sustainable development, Non-formal education, Social enterprise, Environment, Business & Social Enterprise, Sustainability, Travel and tourism 2019
Vincent Lagacé Fellow Mexico Business & Social Enterprise, Financial services / markets, Development & Prosperity, Capacity building, Economic development, Technology, Information & communication technology, Agriculture 2019
MIGUEL DUHALT Fellow Mexico 2018
Carla Fernández Fellow Mexico 2018
Mariana Eugenia Niembro Martínez Fellow Mexico 2018
Daniela Ancira Fellow Mexico Employment, Income generation, Adult education, Gender equity, Vulnerable populations, Business & Social Enterprise, Development & Prosperity, Human Rights & Equity 2018
Mayo Itzel Suárez Román Fellow Mexico 2018