Ashoka Young Changemaker
Elected in 2020

About Shoaibur

Shoaibur and his team are bolstering farmers and changing their mindsets towards the potential of the occupation.

Shoaibur grew up in a village where the predominant income-generating activity was agriculture. Seeing farmers struggle with traditional farming methods, increasing threats of food insecurity, and a decreasing number of qualified agriculturists, Shoaibur founded Agri-Science Society. The venture works closely with farmers to co-create solutions and arrange information seminars on various aspects of farm management. Their current projects include a smart app and an online learning platform, an agri-dictionary for agriculture students, and a magazine that publishes inspiring stories and updates on the latest developments in the field. With a team of 6 other students, Shoaibur has conducted 12 workshops with farmers up till Jan 2020, and has seen a conspicuous shift in the outlook of farmers and young people towards agriculture and rural development. 

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