Ashoka Inspirational Talks

Ashoka inspirational talks
Source: Ashoka

While necessary, the challenging context in which we now find ourselves can make it very difficult to work on creating a better future. Much about the Covid-19 pandemic remains uncertain, including its long-term social and economic consequences. And beyond this, climate change and other ongoing issues remain to be dealt with.

However, some individuals are taking action. Ashoka Fellows are a group of extraordinary changemakers who see the world not as it is, but as it should be. And who are building the pathways to get us there.

The Ashoka Inspirational Talks give you a chance to discuss the most pressing social problems directly with them, listen to their solutions, and get some inspiration to become a changemaker yourself. Organized by Ashoka Switzerland, this series of online conversations is open to anyone looking to impact the world positively.

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Past Talks

Alain Werner and Karen Tse


Justice for all: How the rule of law can protect the disadvantaged.

Conversation with Karen Tse (International Bridges to Justice) and Alain Werner (Civitas Maxima)

April 22nd, 13.30 PM CET 

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Emilia Roig CIJ

Ending discrimination: How to be truly inclusive

Conversation with Emilia Roig (Center for Intersectional Justice)

February 22nd, 15.30 PM CET 

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Michael van Custem round

Bee Agile: How biodiversity brings value and inspires business

Conversation with Michael van Custem (Beeodiversity)

December 10th, 13.30 PM CET 

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Bart Weetjens Round

Being Aligned: How to connect your inner self with your role in society

Conversation with Bart Weetjens (his work)

October 13th, 13.30 PM CEST

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Mary Gordon Round

Empathy: the new essential skill

Conversation with Mary Gordon (Roots of Empathy)

September 8th, 13.30 PM CEST 

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Chris Underhill round

What happens when you jump off the boat: Learnings from a serial social entrepreneur

Conversation with Chris Underhill

June 9th, 13.30 PM CEST

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Riccarda Zezza round

Life as a teacher: How to transfer life-based learnings to the workplace

Conversation with Riccarda Zezza (Lifeed)

May 19th, 15.00 PM CET

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Louis Derungs round

Stronger than ever: Resilience in times of crisis

Conversation with Louis Derungs

April 8th, 12.00 PM CET

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